1 Jun

Benefits of massage therapy

Many would agree that the problem with modern day medicine is that it’s too invasive and unnatural: instead of letting the body fight its way out of a difficult situation, modern medical practitioners prefer to resort to powerful drugs and surgeries that can often bring about more harm than good.

Our bodies have some amazing defensive and regenerative capabilities to them – sometimes, it’s best to let the system fend for itself while providing gentle nudges in the right direction. One of these nudges comes in the form of massage therapy: what was once a novelty treatment reserved for spas is quickly becoming standard practice in many areas of the world. Continue reading

28 May

How to set up a calming room environment

It’s funny how people can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on spa treatments and trips to relaxing locations without bothering to take care of their living quarters first.

If you can’t relax inside your own home, where can you, really? Therefore, every effort to reduce stress and anxiety and achieve a calmer state of mind should start at home by setting up a calming room environment for you and others under your roof. Continue reading

27 May

Benefits of chiropractic

To an onlooker, chiropractic can seem invasive, painful or even downright scary. Those who brave past the harsh appearance and actually undertake a few treatments, however, soon find out that chiropractic isn’t nearly as bad as it looks. In fact, when done right, it’s extremely beneficial to the body regardless of the person’s age group, gender, profession or hobbies. Continue reading

26 May

Top 3 best relaxing essential oils

With all the poor nutrition choices available around every corner, oils can seem like scary business: can you really hope that oil will have a great positive impact on your health?

As it turns out, yes. The oils you’ll want to utilize for restoration are called essential oils: there are dozens of them available on the market and finding the right ones for you can involve some experimentation since everyone has their own way of reacting to a substance. There’s also the issue of smell: what feels like a beautiful scent to one person could come off as a pungent smell to another.

To help you navigate through oily affairs, here are 3 of the best relaxing essential oils that will put your mind at ease. Continue reading

23 May

Welcome to Caring Hands

I’m Manny and I’m getting a blog make-over. Things will be getting real… real soon. I’ve got some great content to post and share with you.